1. Buy ECHO on Pancakeswap

2. Stake ECHO Tokens in the EchoSwap ECHO-Pool

3. EARN ECHO Rewards!

  1. Buy ECHO on Pancakeswap

1. Buy ECHO on Pancakeswap using this link: bit.ly/buy-echo-pancakeswap

2. You should be shown this pop-up: Confirm the correct token address:

1. Add Liquidity on Pancakeswap

2. Stake Pancake LP Tokens in EchoSwap FARMS

3. EARN ECHO Rewards!

Currently, in its ALPHA phase, EchoSwap has 2 farming options active to earn ECHO rewards:
1. ECHO — BNB and,


To participate in these farms, EchoSwap users need to add liquidity, for the corresponding pair, on Pancakeswap. NOTE: On Pancakeswap! (Do not use the EchoSwap DEX for this)

In return for adding liquidity on Pancakeswap, a user will receive trading fees for that pair, and receive corresponding LP Tokens. …

We are very excited to share the first episode of Echelon Engage, the official bi-weekly podcast of Echelon DAO. This is a platform where we engage with ECHO token holders, comment on the state of the DAO, discuss upcoming events, and talk about general crypto-related topics.

Episode 1 introduces the three co-hosts of Echelon Engage — Werner, Barry, and Cameron. Werner is the co-founder of and, currently, a lead developer for Echelon DAO. Barry and Cameron are both early private sale investors and current holders of ECHO. Barry is a STEM graduate and a past university colleague of Werner, as…

It has been an exciting week for Echelon DAO. Presale concluded, tokens distributed, ECHO listed on pancakeswap, liquidity added and locked, active buybacks and large numbers of trades already taking place, all without any hiccups. Goes to show how much effort the team has put into ensuring the success of the project.

Many of you have asked for it, so we’ll be discussing it now, the DAO Update and roadmap next steps. When we first released our roadmap, Echelon was still a fresh idea in our minds and the future would be very hard to predict. …

Good day community.

We are writing this article in response to the false accusations made against EchelonDAO. We will share some proof with you now as we want to work with you and clear up this situation.

As you all know by now, ShareDefi’s owner has softrugged his project. Charl, our owner, was hired as a freelance DEV on ShareDefi to create their website, token and gaming DApp. He was fired 3 days prior to the rug due to him focusing on Echelon DAO.

After the rug, WarOnRugs released a statement that EchelonDAO is associated with ShareDefi…


This is a general article that provides basic information about the Echelon DAO.


Echelon DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is a transparent organization that is governed by smart contracts and fixed protocols, controlled by the Echelon team and board members (Token Holders), on the Binance Smart Chain. All of Echelon DAO’s financial transactions and development decisions are performed and maintained on the Binance Smart Chain. Echelon DAO provides a transparent digital ledger for any members, investors, or outside parties to view the workings of the DAO. …

Echelon DAO

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